We create a unique advertising spot for you, shoot event reports and all kind of corporate films. We also document the most important events in your life.

Our team consists of passionates with unique artistic taste.


Advertising films are an ideal tool for promoting a company on the Internet. Numerous reports shows that video content is way more preferable by the recipients. A professional presentation of the company in such an accessible form will undoubtedly contribute to increasing brand awareness.

Our specialists create non-stamped, interesting and professional advertising films that build a positive image and help attract both clients and investors. Before materials preparation for the video, we always make sure what are the client’s needs and how to make interesting script. That’s why our productions achieve planned goals.

Range of services

Event movies


Are you organizing an event, conference or integration trip?

We will capture it in the form of a dynamic and interesting film, which will fully reflect the nature of the event.

Advertising spots


Film is a perfect tool for promotion because it affects the recipient’s sight, hearing and even subconscious at the same time.

We will create unique advertising spot which will be remembered for long time.

Corporate movies


We prepare professional spots which will strengthen image of your business. Professional business videos, image and training materials, as well as employer branding videos – aimed at potential employees.

Everything, what your company needs.

Music Videos


We create creative and eye-catching music videos. Our clients’ satisfaction is the most important to us, that is why every stage of creating video we consult together. We are able to highlight the best of each piece. Excellent quality and depth of image, care for every detail, original projects – all these elements make the videos we have produced enjoy the recognition of the audience and satisfaction of our clients.

Stages of film production, how we work

Stage 1



Do you already have an outline of the script in your head, or a general vision of what your film should look like? We will help you polish it up. If you want to let us decide , we will create memorable film concept tailored to your needs and budget.


Stage 2



Professional film cannot be made by coincidence and that is why we encourage you to cooperate with the best film crew who will take care of appropriate lighting, sound and scenery. We will find the best localization and set the best date to start shooting.


Stage 3



Shooting plan is a place where all the magic happens. Our crew has to take care of a scenography, sound and appropriate lightning. We use only professional recording equipment, we make sure that all elements are compatible and form a coherent whole.


Stage 4



The hours spent on the set are behind us, that is… half the success. It is extremely important how the film is edited and combined with sound. We will make sure that the final effect makes a striking impression and the film looks dynamic and natural.


Stage 5



Finally your film is ready. Now you ca make with it whatever you want – publish it on your page, TV or in the Internet. We will provide you with the files in the appropriate format so that you can use them in the media of your choice.

What makes us different?

Professional video editing and processing


Even the best produced film in “raw” condition is not as impressive as the material after professional graphic processing. We carefully select the best shots and, with the help of specialized programs for film editing, we combine them together.

Matching the soundtrack


Not only the image is important, but also music affects the senses of the recipient. We make sure that the soundtrack reflects the character of the film and is perfectly suited to the content we create.

Communicativeness and openness in contacts with customers.


In our work we focus on partnership and dialogue, so we will keep you informed about all our activities and we are also open to your ideas and suggestions.

Offer is adapted to your needs and the budget.


Each project is unique and that’s why we will personalize our offer, which will take into account all your needs and financial possibilities.



We know how valuable your time is, so we take great care to ensure that all our orders are carried out on time.

Good work organization


To ensure that our films are produced efficiently, we always create an action plan We cooperate with trusted, experienced implementation team which includes professionals from the film industry.

Sharing films in the Internet.


The submission of the finished film does not have to be the final stage of our cooperation. If you wish, the material produced will be made available on the Internet.

How much does it cost?


Every production is taken individually and is fully committed.
So call us and see how much your film will cost.