Through our activities in social media in Poland and abroad, you get more fans, increase their loyalty and involvement, build brand awareness, learn what users think about your products, which in turn will increase sales of your products and services.

People around the world use social media
We use social media every day
Poles use social media

What gives you presence in Social Media?

We will help you use the potential of Social Media to build commmited audience to your brand.

Involve more fans


Nowadays being present in Social Media is getting more and more crucial. Company, starting their activities i Social Media becomes more common to fans and commits more people. This communication channel reaches the vast majority of potential customers in order not only to present an offer, but above all to build a permanent relationship with them.

Knowing clients' opinion


Social Media shorten the distance between client and business. They allow for immediate communication between brands and their clients, thanks to what you may find out what clients think about your offer. Acquisition of this knowledge will allow you to adapt products and services to clients needs what will sum up in increasing your sells.

Building your brand's image


Social Media offer a range of tools for brand building. We will make your business more clients friendly due to its activities in Social Media. We will build more attractive profile for your brand to attract their attention by creating a positive corporate image, and increase their trust.

Incrase of the traffic on your website.


Content published in Social Media makes perfect chance for users to interact and visit your website. Valuable content significantly increase traffic on your target website. Cost for reaching customers in Social Media is on of the lowest and commitment is enormous.

Advertising in Social Media allows very precise targeting that will take you to users with close interest.

Our activities in social media

As a numerous reports show, nowadays more and more users turn to Social Media in order to find products and services. Internet users are likely to follow the company growth in Social Media, and brands communicating their activities are considered as more trustworthy, We will help you use the potential of Social Media to build long term relations with clients.

With us you will gain bunch of new dedicated fans.

Advertising campaigns.


For many years we have been creating effective campaigns in social media. We know exactly how to interest target groups of customers. Graphics made by us catch an eye and advertisements commit users. We believe that through a combination of creativity and analytical way of thinking we will achieve success and our campaigns will win the hearts of Internet users.

Company profile management


We will help you to create an attractive profile for your brand or product in channels of communication tailored to your industry. Thanks to our experience, we can moderate the community and hold discussions in a way that gradually engages users. We will build your fans commitment which will turn into purchasing activities.

Creation of graphical designs


Our experts will make committing content for your fans. We will make sure that content reaches your audience. We will make your Internet fans into actual clients. As part of our activity, we will take care of your company in social media, build its image and lasting relations with clients.



Events in Social Media are significantly helpful with promoting and increasing spread of particular events. We will create an event that will gather a certain number of auditoriums you specify. We will help you promoting differentiated actions with different topics. Thanks to what you will reach new clients and create positive image of your company in the web.



We will create unique and eye catching photos for your fanpage. We know exactly which type of photos will be corresponding to particular users. Photos made by us are highly prepared – we make sure that every part of the composition be best fulfilled its marketing function.

Advertising films


Today, video is one of the most attractive forms of communication for users. Therefore, in order to effectively reach your customers with the advertising message, we will create for you attractive films that will effectively attract attention and encourage them to buy.

We operate in many places



A great tool to build awareness of your brand. We also immediately configure the company manager and implement a Facebook pixel on your website.



A medium in which a picture and a well-chosen creation can work wonders. More and more attention is being paid to “Stories” that in very unique way catch users attention.



The lack of much competition in this medium is its greatest asset. A real machine to acquire customers in a subscription model (like e-mail marketing). Thanks to our well-written bot, we are able to almost automatically queue for your products.



A page on which potential recipients intentionally come to consume mass content (including long ones). It is a great social medium that will help you build trust in your brand.



A social platform bringing together over 550 million professionals from various industries around the world. We build your company’s brand as an expert in the field in which you operate.



With over 300 million users, it is mainly a medium for people who want to be up to date with world events. Through real-time marketing, we can reach active customers who make purchasing decisions quickly.

Each company in social media has different needs, therefore we tailor specific actions to your individual situation. Ask, it’s free.

Facebook Ads


Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. In Poland it has about 16 million active users what makes it attractive marketing platform. That is why we use potential of this medium for so many years, making effective advertising campaigns. With our help you will reach to specific target group at low cost.



Facebook Ads offers many opportunities to target users, based on gender, age, place of residence or interests and many other features. This way, you will only reach people who are closely interested in your offer with your advertising message!



We will help you make attractive and personalized advertising message. We will make attractive and eye catching graphics which will multiply your sells and increase brands image.



Based on our activities results, we are going to optimize your campaigns to provide you with the highest possible return on investment. Results of our activities are going to be reported on a regular basis and this is why you will be sure that you’ve made right investment.

How much does it cost?


We adapt advertising budget to individual needs and financial capacity of each client.

That’s why you are the only one to decide on how much you will spend on campaigns. Additional advantage would be possibility of modification any budget what gives you full flexibility.